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06 August 2013 @ 09:19 pm
Everything went wrong today. From the fact that you went in late in school this morning, a pile of home works the teachers gave you, to the gloomy weather outside that mocked the ugly mood you had, it was not your day at all. You just wanted to plop down on your bed and sleep everything away and that you tried to do but you could only do the first part. Sleep never came to you that fast even if you wanted it to and this annoyed you even more.

"Yah! It's like the world's laughing at me right now. This is so stupid. I feel so stupid." you whine against your pillow and threw a mini fit on your bed not wanting to deal with all the bad vibes you've been getting.

"I never knew I dated a big baby." you suddenly heard a familiar voice echo your small room and you immediately look up to see him leaning against the door frame still in his photoshoot clothes and make-up looking as dashing as ever. Just by seeing him, you felt a bit better. Only a bit.

"Ughhhh, make it all go away Kyung-ah." you whined even more while pouting and throwing your arms up and down to exaggerate your intense feelings. A deep chuckle escapes his perfect lips and he strides to the bed where you were and you feel your heart beat faster by the second. Soon you realize his face was only inches away from yours as he was crouching down to look at you eye to eye. A smile spreads on his small face and he lifts your limp right hand up motioning you to follow him. You curiously trail behind him still pouting but slightly anxious as to what he's up to.

This is Kyungsoo we're talking about, this SHOULD be interesting.

He stops in the living room and you suddenly felt sad again as you peered out the window seeing the weather only got worse. You moaned in annoyance and he let out an airy laugh, finding you completely adorable. He comes closer again making you feel all tingly and warm inside and places both his calloused hands on your waist. You jump a bit at the contact feeling his cold hands against your warm bit of skin peeking out your shirt. As he got closer and closer you couldn't hear anything else but his breathing and your ridiculously loud heart beating like crazy. He leaned his forehead on yours looking at you straight in the eyes with so much depth and love in them like you've never seen. He moves his lips dangerously close to your ear, shivering as you felt his hot breath on your earlobe.

"Dance with me, jagi."

You nodded shly as your hands automatically made their way behind his neck locking them together. Slowly you realized you were both moving from left to right. You were slow dancing. In your living room. With no music. You were about to inform him about the absence of music when his beautiful and clear voice surrounded the room. He was singing. He was singing for you.

Your lips curled up in a smile as you realized what he was doing. He was trying to make you feel better. All the warm and tingly feeling inside of you never went away and you never wanted it to disappear. HIs voice was smooth and lovely. He was singing a ballad but you didn't know what ballad it was and quite frankly, it didn't matter. All your worries and stress went away immediately and you were amazed as to how he always did this. He always made you feel pretty, beautiful, smart and worth it. He always knew what to say or do. He was perfect. Perfect for you.

Having a sudden surge of confidence you tiled your head up so that your lips were incredibly close to touching. You closed your eyes and savoring the sweet moment.

"Thank you. I love you" you plunged in and kissed him full on the lips still smiling. You felt him tense up a bit but eventually just melted and molded his lips perfectly onto yours like they're made to be together. You basked in the love overflowing from both of you, never wanting to let go. Soon enough he pulled away with the same smile you had and kissed you quickly again on the lips.

"Anything for you. I love you more."
22 June 2011 @ 07:29 pm
Title: Saranghae U
Pairings: Kyuhyun/Ryeowook
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Ryeowook writes Kyuhyun a letter. /what kind of summary is that/
*cough* unnies *cough* does the first paragraph sound familiar? kekekeke. I've been listening to Seo Inguk's "Saranghae U" too much. 
My Dearest Kyuhyun,

I don't really know how to start this letter, but I know that it's gonna be all about YOU. Even before we were together I couldn't get you off my mind. I liked you so much and it looked like you did too but everyone told me you didn't. The first innocent kiss we shared was at our prom and surprisingly I started it. It was just on the cheek but your lips on my skin felt like fire and ice. The hot and cold feeling mingled inside my body and I didn't understand what it was. Finally we got together and our first date was probably the most innocent one too. Went out for a movie and practically kissed the entire time was one of the best ideas we've come up with. Your very first legit kiss with me was, yes, in the movie house. Just a sweet, short peck on the lips and my head wanted to burst different colors of confetti. Then after that you grabbed my chin softly and made out with me. Lips turned into tongue and I loved every second of it. For a minute I thought that you only wanted me for this and not my love but then while kissing you whispered "I love you" in my mouth and I cried, which was really annoying by the way. I hate how I cry at simple things but you accepted me, and you love me for that.


Our love is a secret. No one can know for now. I don't want something I'm proud of and truly grateful for to be a secret for a long time. People around us, our friends and family know that we're like family thus they don't question our closeness. I wish we're not a secret though. I wanna scream out to the whole world how much I love you, how lucky I am to have you. But that doesn't matter as much now, I know what matters now is that we love each other to the fullest and we'll never let go of each other.


Each and everyday with you, literally next to you or just with you through phone or in my dreams, felt like a fairy tale. My own fairy tale. We made promises and said that our love was made not to be broken forever. Forever. A word I was scared of for years. Forever was such a big word, a word often misused and thrown away. But with you and when you say it, I feel like the word forever is the word I can hold on to for a lifetime, it's the word that I've become to love.

When someone says forever, only one thing, rather one name, pops into my head. That's you.


We've always talked about the future even if we're still young and we don't know what's in store for us yet. I wasn't a fan of planning my future this early, it scared me to death and I just want my future to be as smooth as possible. With you, future is a topic you'd casually include in our conversation. Planning OUR future was one of your favorite topics. You'd always say that we'd live in Europe in a modern looking house (designed by your Aunt) and would have 5 children. Although I prefer only 2 (adopted) children, 5 sounded good too. You'd go on and on about wanting to have a waterbed for our room and an extremely large bathroom with a Jacuzzi in it. You'd tell me that we won't get maids since you want us to be alone in our house and that I'd have to prepare my cooking skills as early as now, which is not a problem for me. I can practically cook anything, ask anyone. People may say that we shouldn't talk about this as early as now and that we're too young but it doesn't matter. When I look at you I see my future, right there. And yes that did sound corny, but it is inevitably true.


You love me, right? Though you don't say it every second of every day I know you do. I doubted you before but now I'm sure. The nights we spent together, the laughs we shared, tears we shed and problems we both solved for each other, we've been through a lot. I know for sure you love me, just the way I am even If I am not a perfect human being. There are loads of other girls and boys out there yet you chose me, of all people? Who would've though that I'd be your lucky one. I'm not complaining though. I love you as much as you love me, the most emotional, random, crazy, ranting, bi polar, needy, attention wanting person you've ever met. I'm holding on tight to our promises and will keep that promise ring you gave me that came along with the promises. 
Only U, Saranghae U,
Your Ryeowook.
/what was that OTL sobbing/
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